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Sian got shock of life was that Sophie collasped to the floor and start to have painfrom bullet in her lungs and everyone ran toward Sian start to cried because she gone from happy to sad on same day. Sian was crying alot and she start to look around who shot her wife but them and out sight she saw Michelle with a gun in her hand and ran toward her and start hitting her and asking why she done it and then Ryan ran in the rover and saw Sian on top of is mum and start to pull Sian of his mum and then Sian heard something from back of her Sophie was talking.

Sophie: SIAN SIAN where are u

Sian: i am ere babe wat wrong



Sophie collasped again and then Sophie was rush to hospital with sian and her family and Michelle was take to poilce station to get arrest and at the hospital Sophie was haveing a opertation and she was fight for her life and outside the opertation room Sian hope and praying that Sophie would make it and Rosie was with Sian hugging her saying to Sian your not to do something badly if Sophie doesn't make it.

Then the doctor came out to talk to them.

Doctor: Sophie heart stop working and she came back and she ok now and she talking all ready she asking for Sian.

Sian: thank u so much when can i see her

Doctor: came out here to get you she wouldn't stop talking to get you ere next to her

Sian and the doctor walk to Sophie ward and Sian was stand outside when she saw Sophie smile outside the window and the doctor about to talk.

Doctor: you can go in now she all ready to talk to you

Sian:thank u so much

Sian burst throw the door and ran toward Sophie and give her a passionate kiss which turn to full on snog and then they pulled apart to get air and they look each other eyes and both them spoke at the same time.


Sian: Soph i was totally sraced out there i starting to think i loss you for good

Sophie: Sian you not going to loss me and don't cry i am fine now and we can still get marrige and will you be my wife still i know you did it but i need to know

Sian: of cause i be your wife Soph i truely madly deeply in love with you

Sian close the gap between them and shared full on snog with Sophie and the Doctor walk in about to talk.

Doctor: sian Sophie need rest now but one person can stay the night

Sophie: yes please Sian stay tonight woop woop

Sian: calm down down Soph

Doctor: alright sian get another bed for you

Sian: alright

Doctor: ok

the doctor walk out of the room and then Sophie and Sian shared a kiss and then Sophie start to talk.

Sophie: Sian so horny now

Sian: SOPH





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tears was come down on Sian face and Sophie was wiping them off
tears was come down Sian face

Oct. 21st, 2010








Ryan: so these is payback time this it

Sophie:no Ry i love Sian and you can't stop us

Ryan:but Sian i love you and i am total sorry please can we talk alone

Sian: NO i love Sophie you can leave us alone now because got speech now and shut up

Sophie: what speech Sian

Sian: this one Soph

Sian: can everyone listen to me please... right me and Sophie are truly happy for everyone to be here thank you for coming and now got to say something to my wife to be.. Soph i love u to bit more ever i could give you my heart because it belong to you...no one else just you and me and Sophie like everyone to come are wedding at christmas day that when we getting marrige and thank for listening to me.

Sophie pulled Sian in to a passionately kiss and whisper in to Sian ear '' i love you too wish i could take you home right now'' and Sian pulled away look shock to see Sophie way horny and Sian whisper in to Sophie ear '' meet me in the toilet in 5mins sexy'' and Sophie just nodded to Sian walk to the toilets and wait for Sophie was walking to the toilets and she was stop by Ryan and start to talk to her.

Ryan: Sophie i really happy for you and sian

Sophie: thank you Ry

Then Ryan left the pub and said goodbye to his mum and then Sophie walk in to the toilet and whisper '' Sian where are you'' and Sian reply '' here Soph niss you already'' and Sophie walk to the door was pulled in by Sian push Sophie to the door and start to kiss her passionately and Sian start to put her hand up Sophie red dress which Sian brought her ages ago for her birthday and then Sophie start to moan loudly and Sian whisper in to Sophie ear '' i want you so badly Soph and Sophie whisper back '' me to sian i love you so badly '' after the sex in the toilets they fix there self up and went out and Sian got surpise of her life.........

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Sian woke up went downstairs to make breakfast for Sophie in bed but she did know that Sophie was behind but her hand around Sian waist and start to kiss her neck and Sian let out smal moan and start to talking.

Sian: morning babe

Sophie: morning babe wuu2

Sian:was make your breakfast for you but guess not now let go up stairs and carry on what we doining last night.

Sophie: sure where my family

Sian: gone out for the day left us alone here why

Sophie: because i can't do this

Sophie push Sian to the kichen table lift her up on top of it and start to kiss her passionately on the table and then rip Sian top of her and start kiss her neck and suck on her neck which Sian start to moan loudly the next door could here it but they wasn't going to stop there and then Sophie took of Sian clothes complete which Sian was naked on the table shouting her name SOPHIE DON'T STOP HARDER PLEASE and did have to be told twice which she but 2 finger inside her and licking her clit aswell and both of them was getting of the orgasm which Sian return the favor as well so both of them was out of breath to talk so Sian start suck on Sophie neck a lot which Sophie was moan loudly and Sophie was tied and said to Sian ''going bed for a bit do u want to join me'' Sian had other plan to do so she said to Sophie '' it alright i got to do something in a bit sorry'' kiss her goodbye and went to the rovers and book a supise party for them and after that she went to the kabin and got some rose for Sophie and then went back to the webster house to see Kevin and Sally, Rosie sitting watching the tv and starting tell them want going happen late so they went to the rover to get all ready for them.

Sophie: where are we going

Sophie had blind fold on so she can't see.

Sian: not tell you

Got near the door of the rover and poke my head in the door and start to take Sophie blindfold of her.

Everyone&Sian: SURPISE

Sophie: Sian did you plan this

Sian: sure did soph love you all my heart

Sian give Sophie a kiss passionately way everyone was happy till Ryan and Michelle walk in and Sian and Sophie turn around to anry Ryan he walk over to us and start to talk to us.

Ryan: WHAT HELL IS HAPPEN ERE ..........

might be crap try my hardest here

Oct. 20th, 2010





Everybody was wait to hear what Sophie going to say and Sian was wait as well and Sian was get worried alots because she want Sophie to say and then it happen Sian got shock of her life.

Sophie: YES YES YES i love to be your wife Sian

Sian: YES

Sian then grap Sophie waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss and pulled apart by Sian saying 'SOPHIE POWERS i love you' and kiss again then Sian put the ring on Sophie finger and Sophie turn to see godsmacker Kevin and Sally and Rosie juming for joy.

Sian:does your parent know about us together

Sophie:no sorry but i was going tell them that night that i lost my vow to you

Sian: we can tell them when we get home

Sophie and sian was hold hands all the way home and Sally kept look at us and thinking what going on and Rosie was behind us in her car and we all pulled up outside the webster house and all of us sat down on the sofa and Sally start to talk.


SOPHIE&SIAN: because we in love together said at the same time

Kevin:how long has been go on for

Sophie: 3 years dad


Sophie: sorry mum and dad

Sian: sorry Sally and Kevin but can i tell you something i in love with Sophie

Sally: I am happy for you both

Kevin:me to

Sophie ran over to her parent said ' Thank you'and then Sian went to the toilet and Sophie follow her to the toilet and knock on the door and said ' sian can i come in' and heard her say 'yes come in Soph' and i went in and then pushed by Sian to the door was pulled in for passionately kiss and then Sian was start to take Sophie jeans off and i did the same to her.

Sian: i love you Sophie Powers love sound of that

Sophie: I love you too Sian powers and when is the wedding by the way

Sian: got it all planed just rang the chruch to book a date and guess what

Sophie: what

Sian: it is on christmas day

Sophie: no way

Sian: Yes way soph can't wait long to you to be Sophie Powers

Sian and sophie was lieing on the bed from 3 hour ogasm they Both had dift of to sleep in each others arms.


might be crap i struggle a lots to do this



Sophie was at departed area when she hear her mum shouting her but she might to get on the plane but wanting to know what wrong with her mum and so she stay where she was wait for plane to arrive and then she hear the speaker say 'the plane to spain arrive for 17:30 ' she look at the clock and she got 15 mins to get the plane and mean while Sian was outside the ring shop because want to get marry to Sophie and so sshe got nice dimaond ring for her and Rosie was wait outside the shop in her sport car thinking was Sian going make in time because Sally text her that sophie plane as arrive and she wait to get on it can't stop her so hurry and sally want to know what go on with her.

Sian: how long have we go to airport

Rosie: about 5 mins let have look what you got

Sian: NO it for Sophie be first one to see the ring

Rosie; WHAT did you say a 'RING' rosie was smile at the time

Sian; yes a ring love your sister yo bit ok

Rosie: ok

Sophie on and then she saw Sally and Kevin sat down on the chair and ran toward them with Rosie.

Sally&kevin: what are you do here

Rosie: where Sophie mum and dad

Sian; where is she need to talk to her

Sally; you just miss her she gone now

Sian:No she can't be

the speak went off and says ' the plane to spain is delayed for 2 hours' at that point Sian ran to the area with rosie and kevin , Sally and then Sian eyes widened when she saw Sophie sitting down on the chairs and walk over to her .


Sophie: want are you doing here thought you was play happy family with Ryan

Sian: went back to end it with him

Sophie; why are you pacing and why are you here

That when it happen Sian got down on one knee and ask Sophie to become her wife and Sophie was shock seeing the ring that Sian got for her and SOPHIE was going to say .....

Oct. 19th, 2010


The Happy Ending (Chapter 1)

my first fanfics might be crap if it this sorry about it a lot

Sophie was lie on her bed thinking what just happen with Sian and lose her vow to the love of her life just walk out on after the sex and the passion between them was over heating and after all that Sian say 'that was mistake Soph' and she left the Webster to go back to southport and she was very upset with herself because Sophie was love of her life to but she was still with Ryan was in love with Sian alot but Sian find out that he was cheated on her with girl called Bella was kiss him on sofa one night in there flat and Sian catch them in act and then she went to Sophie at the Webster because she as to say sorry to Sophie and Sian was ringing Sophie to talk but no answer so got on the bus back to Coronation Street but she did know that Sophie packing her bag to go to Auntie Debbie in spain beacause Sian broken her heart and need to go away for couple of months or maybe years so Sian about to lose her love of life by leave her on the bed telling her 'it was mistake' but to Sian best moment every but She walk out on Sophie and now Sian on her way back to Coronaton Street and Sophie saying her goodbye to Rosie and Sally and Kevin drive her to the airport to catch the plane to spain but they stop at the airport to say goodbye to Sophie was upset about leave Sian.

Sophie; mum can u do a favor for me give this letter to Sian for me

Sally; sure Sophie

Sian was at the font door of the Webster house and took bealth before knocking on the door wait for Someone open the door but she want it to Sophie but instead she got Rosie Webster you pass her drive test last week and Rosie got bad news for Sian and they both sat down on the soft starting to talking.

Sian; where Sophie

Rosie; Sian sorry to tell you this Sophie leave the country today

Sian; no she can't I in love with her

Rosie; She in love with you but you took her vow away and left to go back to southport to Ryan play happy family with him

Sian; but went back to end it with him to be with Sophie and how do u know that we are together and loose her vow to me

Rosie; she told me before she left here

Sian; I know you hate right now but can you do me a favor

Rosie; sure what this it

Sian; ring sally tell her that to stop Sophie to get on plane and can you give me lift to the airport please.

At the airport

sally get phone called of rosie tell her to stop Sophie get on the plane and she put the phone down and shout to Sophie but it to late Sophie was on the plane.....

what happen next to best couple every

lots of mistake in here but i can't write prople yet sorry if it crap

sophie and sian tonight episode

Meanwhile, Kevin and Sally have been up all night looking for Sophie and are blaming themselves. The police promise they're doing all they can, but no-one's heard anything. Back on the street, the Alahans wonder if Sophie and Sian running away has anything to do with Aadi's injuries. But as they ask questions of the Websters, Sally's furious.

Aug. 31st, 2010

At only 18 years old Sacha Parkinson is an established actress now starring in the UK prime-time soap Coronation Street. But the young star of "Corrie" has been in the limelight for years, having starred in the BBC school drama Grange Hill and with appearances under her belt in Doctors, Waterloo Road and The Royal, among others. But with Corrie, she is making history by taking part in the first-ever lesbian story line in the show’s 50 years on the air. And, as an added bonus, her love interest on the soap is her childhood friend, 18-year-old Brooke Vincent.

Both Brooke and Sacha have said they hope the way they portray their characters’ lesbian story line will help other teenage girls if they are going through the same, or a similar situation. Neither want the scenes to look explicit. They want to show two teenagers who are in love in a sensitive way. It’s good to know that the girls will be getting up close and comfortable over the next year.

The girls shared their first on-screen kiss a few months back and have since chatted with SheWired about the lead-up to it, how their off-screen friendship made their new on-screen relationship an easy fit and how their characters are feeling about the whole affair. Here's Sacha's interview:

What happens when Sian and Sophie first kiss?

When they first kiss Sian is just really confused because Sophie is her best friend and she’s never felt anything like this before. Sian has been concentrating on Ryan, whereas Sophie hasn’t had a boyfriend and has had the time to think about her feelings, which is why it comes as more of a shock to Sian. Also the kiss kind of feels right, which is what makes her more confused.


What happens after the kiss?

She runs away to her mum’s in Southport, and when Sophie goes to visit to try and sort things out Sian is a bit off with her. Sian doesn’t like admitting her feelings and is more bothered about what people think of her, how she’s going to tell people, and what people will say.

Do they talk about the kiss when Sian returns to Weatherfield?

When Sian returns to Weatherfield it is her chance to tell Sophie how she feels, but there are obstacles. When Rosie tells her that Sophie has gone out on a date she is annoyed because she now has feelings for Sophie and thinks, ‘Why is she doing this to me? Why has she got me all confused?’ as Sophie is now going out with a lad. She got herself ready to talk and now she’s back to square one and thinks that Sophie is doing this on purpose.

Even though it’s hard for her to admit, Sian tells Sophie what she wants. She’s wondering what’s happened with Lee. Speaking as a friend at first Sophie explains she did it because she thought Sian didn’t want her and she’s trying to get over it. Sian’s the one to say, "Well actually I’ve missed you." And Sophie says it back. It’s a really nice moment. It is a love story, like any relationship would be with a boy and girl, where both people are nervous and unsure. Sian then has to leave and realizes that she is really going to miss Sophie. I don’t think the boy situation is totally out of Sian’s system though, so it could end in disaster.


How do you think the other characters will react to the situation?

It will be interesting to see how Rosie will react to the situation. I think Ryan would be really shocked and would never have imagined this to happen and people like Norris would think it’s disgusting. Sunita will be a big part of the story, as she is the one that Sophie eventually turns to, so some people are supportive. It’s all new for them, so they don’t know how to go about it. They don’t know how to tell people because they haven’t been through it before. They believe it is their business and that they don’t need to tell people at this point, so they are trying to keep it quiet for a while.


How do you feel about the story line?

The story isn’t designed as a scandal just to get viewers. it’s a really well-written, touching love story. I’m very comfortable with the story line, and we tried to make it as believable as possible. One of the Writers told us about her gay relationship and gave us advice which was great and really helped us. At first, with the kiss, we thought it would be harder knowing each other so well. We are really good friends in real life and have grown up together, but this actually made things much easier.

Where you nervous about the lesbian story line?

Not so much nervous because I’ve known that this story line was coming since I first started on the show. We always knew that it may happen as it’s been spoken about, but then it came all of a sudden. We were more nervous about pulling it off as opposed to doing it really. I was more worried about making it look right and making the kiss appear natural rather than the actual kissing.

How does the kiss come about?

I think the kiss comes out of nowhere, especially on Sian’s part. She’s with Ryan and she really loves him. Yes, she and Sophie have a really strong friendship but she’s never thought it was anything more than that. Sophie is kind of more aware of her feelings towards Sian, like it’s more than friendship. Sian has a huge row with Ryan when he makes a move on Sophie and it all comes out at first she blames Sophie but, when she discovers the truth, she runs to Sophie for comfort and this spur-of-the-moment kiss just happens.

How does Sian react to the kiss?

At first Sian’s really taken aback because for her the kiss comes from nowhere. She’s confused and she runs back to her mum’s in Southport where she has time to think about it when she is alone. She decides she wants to work things out by talking about it with Sophie so she comes back to the street. But, Sophie’s gone out, and it’s not until down the line they get to speak. There are lots of obstacles in their way, things don’t run smoothly and I think they’ll face a lot of challenges before they can be together. It feels like something will always be in their way.


Is Sian worried about people finding out about her and Sophie?

We’ve not got to that yet but it will come out. Both families will be shocked but they’re totally different and will deal with it differently. Sian’s family is very strict and I think Sian’s more bothered about what people will think and what her family will think about it. She finds it difficult to talk about it with them. Sophie’s a much stronger character and I think even though her family will be shocked they’ll be much more understanding.

How did you and Brooke prepare for the kissing scene?

We went through the scripts then we just came and did it; we didn’t really think about it. It helped that we’re such good friends, Brooke and I have known each other for years now since drama class. We just wanted to pull it off and look natural.


Were you nervous about the kiss?

I was actually more nervous when I did my first screen kiss with Ben Thompson -- Ryan -- than with Brooke. We know each other so well and we didn’t want to be selfish to the story line. We just focussed on getting it right and making it look natural.

How did you feel when you were told you were going to play this story line?

I was really excited. It’s not been done before on Coronation Street and I’ve never done anything like this as an actress before. Brooke and I are really pleased and grateful to be given the opportunity to do it.


What research have you done for this story line?

We got together with one of the writers behind the story line who explained the importance of the scenes and the characters’ feelings. I’ve also spoken to a family member who’s been through something similar. It was good to get someone else’s take on it and understand how they handled it.

How do you think Sian deals with her feelings for Sophie?

I think Sian’s really confused, as it’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to her. She was totally oblivious to any feelings that were developing between her and Sophie until the kiss happened. She thought she was loved up with Ryan and had a good friend in Sophie. I think Sophie had noticed she was having stronger feelings for Sian than normal. Sian hadn’t but when the kiss happens it feels right. But, Sian’s more bothered about what people will think so she takes herself out of the situation and runs back to Southport. She’s bothered about her strict dad, what people will think of her and she’s just really confused.


How does Sophie cope with it all?

Sophie is such a strong character and although she’s confused I think at the back of her mind she knows it’s what is right for her. I think it will take Sian a little while to understand that. The kiss came much more out of the blue for her. Sian’s got a lot of thinking and a lot more growing up to do.

Who does Sian turn to?

It’s really hard for her and she feels she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. When she’s had rows with Ryan and her dad in the past she’s always run to Sophie for support. Now her confusion is about Sophie and suddenly she’s got no-one to turn to.


Are you worried about how the viewers will react to the story line?

I’m more worried about how it comes across than what people will think of me. I want people to think it looks natural and real; hopefully it will come across as believable.

Is it more than just a lesbian kiss?

Yes! Definitely! It’s a love story between two characters about something that happens naturally. It’s not just a throwaway kiss it’s a love story that’s just between two girls rather than a boy and a girl. I hope we can get that across. I also hope people can relate to the story line; one of them is sure about their feelings, one is confused and there’s a variety of feelings there.