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Sacha got feeling for Brooke chapter3

So sorry I haven't update in while had problem and need time to think so ere u go new chapter

Both pov

So Brooke lent in for the kiss and they both like it because Sacha want kiss Brooke for so long and Brooke want it little bit sracy about after they finish film because got to tell Sacha about somethink but she not going to like and now we finish kissing and Sian (Sacha) walk out of the room and wait for cut and now we both walking to the green room to get ready to go home because we done filming today.

Brooke pov

So Sacha walking up to me now and she smiles like wet dragon haha Brooke thought right here it goes let see what she think about it and know she not going to like it because kept it secret from her but got to tell her.

Brooke: are u ready for that talk then
Sacha: yes if u are
Brooke: I have a ......
Sacha: what
Brooke: boyfriend and this name jack and he a football player and he plays for England and aersanl and been see him for 5 months and sorry to not tell u
Sacha: why did u tell me for we mention to be best friend and you did this to me thank lot

Sacha pov

Sacha walk away from Brooke crying and on way out of the studio she went in to someone a boy and look at her and said my name Josh and you must be Sacha Parkinson nice to meet you and Sacha start to blush.

I carry on soon and might be crap because of my write and hope u like it and I update 2morrow xx
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