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Sorry if i had not update with happy ending so given up on it and might start new one if u like me start new on leave comment please.

Sophie was discharged from hositpal and Sian was so happy that Sophie was alive and the wedding was back on but Sian had a sercet she moved the wedding forward because she want Sophie so badly right now and forever and she stop thinking about it till Rosie walk in to the room.

Sian: Rosie i need to talk to u
Rosie: wat up Sian
Sian: Don't tell Sophie this...... i move the wedding forward to 2morrow and i need your help
Rosie: woop woop wat do u want me to do for u
Sian: i need u to take Sophie shopping 2morrow and here £2000 pound to get Sophie dress and your bridemaid dress.
Rosie: ok i do it which church this it
Sian: the one where Molly had her furnal at
Rosie ok wat time
Sian: 2pm please don't be late
Rosie: ok
Sian: thank u so much
Rosie:u welcome
The big day of Sophie and Sian wedding but Sophie didn't know only everyone did and Sian can't wait to see Sophie face and Rosie webster took Sophie out shopping for a dress and bridemaid dress.
Sian was getting ready to go with Kevin and Sally to the church because it was near the time of the big day.
Sally: Sian are u okay?
Sian: exited for Sophie to see all these why
Sally: because u look bit out today that all
Sian: fine thanks
Sally: ok
Kevin: we are here
Sian: ok what time this it
Kevin/Sally: 1:30pm
Sian: WE GOT TO HURRY UP START AT 2PM THIS EVERYONE HERE sian jump out of the car and sally did aswell.
Sally: carm down Sian it be all fine everyone here just Sophie and Rosie to go ok
Sian: ok
Sophie was wait for Rosie because she want to get back to Sian to make love to her but Rosie came behind her but blinefold on her.
Rosie: shut up and get in the car and don't take it off for me please
Sophie: ok
Rosie was coming up to the church and Kevin was wait at the door for them both and they went to get change to the dress and came back to Kevin and Sophie still had the blindfold on and they start walk down the aslie in the church and then Sophie got shock of her life she was wait for someone to tell where she was that to felt pair lips on her lips and then the blindfold was took off and Sophie couldn't believe what she saw.
Priest: do u take Sian to be your wife
Sophie: i do
Priest: do u take Sophie to be your wife
Sian: i do
Priest: Sian u may kiss your wife now
Sian: thank god
Sian ran at Sophie and kiss her in passionately kiss and everyone was cheering for them and all the picture was done now and everyone gone to the rover to clebrate to Sophie and Sian webster powers and after everyone talk to them Sophie took Sian to the toilet to let them fanilly talk and they did and kiss abit which lead to bit more and after they had sex in the toilet they went back out to everyone and Sian was speechless to see her dad and mum was there and was happy for them.
Sophie and Sian went off on there honeymoon to prias because Sophie alway want to go and Sophie and sian did have HAPPY ENDING.

sorry if it this crap and lots of spelling word went wrong sorry
please commentxx


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Jan. 15th, 2011 09:21 am (UTC)
Great ending to a great story hun :D xx
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