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I know yOu want to the true chapter 2

Heyy my name is Sian powers  age 21  I in love with my best friend Sophie Webster  (age 20) but i cant tell her why i am moving away because I can't tell her that I am in love with her  that why I dumped Ryan for but she keep ask why I dump him for But Sophie nOt gay like me so that why she coming over tonIght to fine out should I tell her .....

    I want to know the true chapter 1

    Heyy my name is Sophie Webster age 20  I in love with my best friend Sian powers (age 21) but she moving away because she falling out wIth her boyfriend Ryan but she not tell me the true why she fallin out with him and that what going to find out now.


    heyy everyone i decide to do this one first hope u like itx

    Sunday 2 august

    The music was deafening. tommy's arm thrashed out and smacked me in the face.
    OI Clumsy basted.' i thumped him on the ribcage. He moveed closer to me. Pressed his face way too bloody near mine. Ah princess. The Tommy Monster is just being friendly...' He stroked my cheek.
    I pushed his hand off, but struggled with myself not to smile, just a bit. The thing about Tommy is that he bloody irresistable. I don't fancy him. I mean, I'm on other bus now, as it were. He's fucking out of control. The opposite of me.But sometimes,yeah,i wouldn't mind bring able to just do and say want the fuck i want. I'd die before i told him this, but i secretly envy tommy. In a kind of way obviously.

    Tommy,' I give him the despairing older-sister look. ' Just calm fuck down, would you?

    He laugh like maniac. 'I don't do fucking calm, Sian, you know that.' he planted a wet kiss on my nose,'Sure I can't tempt you back on cock train?'
    'Well maybe not,' Tommy hadf his eyes trained on something behind me. I turned. Sophie was standing there, Big eyes looking doubtful.' Your fellowed carpet muncher beckons.'

    I reached out and took soph's hand, pulling her close to me.
    'We'll overlook that remark,' I told him sternly.'Just this once.

    And only-'I pinched a handful of his cheeck' because you're just pussy underneath.'

    Tommy sniggered, his face sweating- from the heat,'fair enough siankins.' He took a swig of lager and waved the can at us.'See you later lezzers.'

    Sophie wrinkled her nose.' What did he want?'she asked, really trying not sound bothered that Tommy filrts with me.

    Well,in his own twisted way.

    ' Nothing baby'I put my arms around her slid one hand under her top and stroked her spine.'Come on, let go and do something deviant somewhere.'

    'Here?' Sophie smiled, looking sweet and filthy at same time.

    'Here?' I held both her hands and pulled her back with me toward the toilets. She followed me through a mass of grinding silhouttes towards ladies. As we got the door, I kissed her, really softly, then firmly found her tounge, Sophie ,oaned and pushed her hips into me.

    'I'm so happy right now' she said pulling away temporarily.

    'If i died tonight, it would be fucking OK.'

    'Me too.' I kissed Sophie on the forhead.

    I saw Tommy raising his can up at me from across the floor.A smutty smile on his face.,' he mouthed, and he winked.

    I grabbed Sophie's hand and pushed quickly through the door.








    Sacha got feeling for Brooke chapter3

    So sorry I haven't update in while had problem and need time to think so ere u go new chapter

    Both pov

    So Brooke lent in for the kiss and they both like it because Sacha want kiss Brooke for so long and Brooke want it little bit sracy about after they finish film because got to tell Sacha about somethink but she not going to like and now we finish kissing and Sian (Sacha) walk out of the room and wait for cut and now we both walking to the green room to get ready to go home because we done filming today.

    Brooke pov

    So Sacha walking up to me now and she smiles like wet dragon haha Brooke thought right here it goes let see what she think about it and know she not going to like it because kept it secret from her but got to tell her.

    Brooke: are u ready for that talk then
    Sacha: yes if u are
    Brooke: I have a ......
    Sacha: what
    Brooke: boyfriend and this name jack and he a football player and he plays for England and aersanl and been see him for 5 months and sorry to not tell u
    Sacha: why did u tell me for we mention to be best friend and you did this to me thank lot

    Sacha pov

    Sacha walk away from Brooke crying and on way out of the studio she went in to someone a boy and look at her and said my name Josh and you must be Sacha Parkinson nice to meet you and Sacha start to blush.

    I carry on soon and might be crap because of my write and hope u like it and I update 2morrow xx
    Please comment

    Sacha got feelings for Brooke chapter 2

    Brooke pov

    We was still hugging and can't let go of her because love you has mate of course and I not lesbian in real life just in the soap because Sophie Webster is going kiss Sian powers for real and so sracy that I going make go wrong but so happy that Sacha Parkinson is going to play Sian powers and now breaking from the hug and look at each and both of us smile and now Sacha talk to me.....

    Sacha: can't believe it you
    Brooke: me to and phil thank you so much to find Sacha for me because we lost contract when I join corrie let me guess it was when we was six and seven year old
    Sacha: so you haven't forget me then
    Brooke: of course I haven't forget you
    Sacha: good

    Sacha pov

    Me: good

    So I am filming today so exited for my very first scence outside the chip shop with Brooke and Ben, so one you playing Sophie Webster boyfriend but total nuts of her and that smile of her it bright up my day.

    So I was told we being Sophie and Sian scene close because we both can't wait for it and in corrie look like it going to be best lesbian couple in soaps.

    So after a year of filming and me and Brooke are starting to get sracy of filming it the first kiss in Sophie Webster room but want to kiss Brooke so long and want tell her how I feel for her and now me and Brooke got to do a interview for Sophie and Sian scene because the sun newspaper want to know more about the kiss.

    Brooke pov

    So I just had interview with the sun newspaper about Sophie and Sian first kiss and look at Sacha enjoy it because it her first big storyline and first lesbian in corrie so kind of big deal to everyone .

    Sacha and I just left the sun newspaper building and got in to my car because I am 18 year old and so is sacha because for her birthday we went to this place had couple of drinks and me and Sacha was filt with each other don't why but I like it a lot and Sacha is fit has hell.

    Both pov

    So today we going to film the first kiss scene and after we both need to talk about stuff and they both agree and both srcay of film it because they both got feelings for each other and Sacha just think it her but it not and so they calling us now for it both eating chewing gum and start to walk to Webster's house and we just walk in the door and upstairs and Brooke was behind Sacha going up so Brooke grap Sacha arm to stop her and she turn and smile and Brooke start to talk to Sacha say good luck and break a leg and start to walk up the stairs again Brooke was check Sacha view out and think o.m.g got to stop doing that.

    So we both in sophie Webster room ready to start and Sacha start to talk to Brooke " I am sracy to do this lots and can we talk after please got tell you some stuff" Brooke nodded and think I have to tell her that like her more.

    So we all ready to start filming the big scene so they let get go then want they want it so badly and now we start to film the scene and Sacha start " you more important to me then any lad do you hear me" and omg it going to happen now Brooke lent in and so close to my lips..."...

    Might be crap
    Should I keep going on with itx

    Sacha got feelings for brooke chapter1

    Sacha pov

    So guess i just got in for corrie be Ben Thompson girlfriend you plays Ryan and I going to play Sian but I really want to play a lesbian in the show but when I was six or seven really fancied Brooke Vincent you leave me to go in a soap and we lost contract and now I am 17 year old and I am about to find out you plays Sophie Webster in corrie because the boss just told me that going to play her girlfriend in 2010.

    So the person is playing Sophie Webster is late because phil just told me that she on the way in her mum car and I am so scary of find out who is this and she come to the green room now and she is burette and the person is about to open the door.

    Brooke pov

    So guess they find someone to play Sian you going to be my girlfriend and I want to know who it this but I am so scary to find out and total miss Sacha you was my best mate in drama school and we lost contract because I join corrie and wish I can meet her again but I can't because don't know where she is.

    So my mum take me to work and we are at my work now and start to walk to the green room because the person you plays Sian is in there with phil the boss of corrie and I am opening the door and noice it blonde hair girl and good one phil to get fit blonde for me.

    Both pov

    So she just about to walk in the green room deep breath Sacha might like her but she never be Brooke Vincent and the brunette look up and noice is was Sacha and srceam and then Sacha start to scream to and phil was guess. Why they was scream and both Sacha and Brooke ran at each other and hug each other and they was so happy to see each other and Sacha feelings for Brooke was rush back to her and Sacha and Brooke both said can't believe it you and Sacha was happy to have brooke in her life again and so was Brooke...

    Tell me wat you think
    Might be crapxx

    Feb. 18th, 2011

    I want to be your girlfriend chapter 2

    sorry i haven't update in while been ill and soo here chapter 2

    Sophie and Sian have good night  out and now Sian get really to turn on now because sophie keeps kiss her cheeck now move to the neck and suck on it and so sian got in to start to take Sophie dress off and now forcely kiss sophie of her face and now get full on and start to make love to sophie and she know sophie wants to make love.

    Sian woke up to a note on pillow and she open it and it say

    to sian 

    so sorry what happen last night and i know you going to hate me for ever but do ring me or text me and come after me can you stay away from me 



    Sian was crying and the ring was there to to and she need to she sophie so she got change went to see sophie and now she was half way there and crying and now at the door.

    Sian took deep breath and knock on the door and wait to someone answer and they did sophie was at the door crying has well and look at sian and start shouting at sian.

    sian: why are u shouting
    sophie: NO YOU DID NOT ME

    sophie look at sian neck love bite was there sophie was shock and look away and sian did the same and starting to talking.

    sian: sophie i got something to tell you?
    sophie: what this it
    sian i'm ..... gay and i in love with..... you and have been for ages.
    sophie: WHAT
    sian: stop shouting ok i in love with you and i know last night was the best thing ever for me please look at me

    sophie: ok i need to sit down and why me
    sian: what
    sophie: why me sian
    sian: oh
    sophie: come on tell me please
    sian: don't know falling for you when you finish with ben
    sophie: that long sian
    sian: do you feel same
    sophie: don't know
    sian: oh
    sophie: sian can you leave now please
    sian ok but leave for good because can't stay here for you to fall for different pleople and it would hurt me so much but don't worry i can fight for you wait ..bye

    sophie was crying and thinks oh no she meant it and sian walk out leave comfused sophie behind.

    sorry if it crap



    my new ficton.


    Sophie and Sian been best friend for 5 years now and they loved spend time together and it is there friend annaverisy and Sophie got Sian a necklace ingraved S<3 S best friend forever and Sian got Sophie posmine ring in S<3 S forever on it and they loved it and Sophie did jnow that Sian start have feeling for sophie.

    Now they was get ready for a night out and Sian was wearing red dress and Sophie was wearing blue dress and they was get ready in spetered room and Sian was finish went down stairs to wait for sophie and Sian heared footsteps coming down stairs her eye wided and start to look up and down sophie body.

    Sophie and Sian are dancing around the night club and they was complete drunk and Sian want to rip Sophie dress and have her right now but they was in pubilc so she couldn't and now Sophie was really drunk start to dancing up close to Sian and kissing her cheek and Sian and Sophie tonight going to be good night.

    i know it bit short please let me know what u think.

    Jan. 30th, 2011


    HAPPY ENDING CHAPTER 7 (last one)

    Sorry if i had not update with happy ending so given up on it and might start new one if u like me start new on leave comment please.

    Sophie was discharged from hositpal and Sian was so happy that Sophie was alive and the wedding was back on but Sian had a sercet she moved the wedding forward because she want Sophie so badly right now and forever and she stop thinking about it till Rosie walk in to the room.

    Sian: Rosie i need to talk to u
    Rosie: wat up Sian
    Sian: Don't tell Sophie this...... i move the wedding forward to 2morrow and i need your help
    Rosie: woop woop wat do u want me to do for u
    Sian: i need u to take Sophie shopping 2morrow and here £2000 pound to get Sophie dress and your bridemaid dress.
    Rosie: ok i do it which church this it
    Sian: the one where Molly had her furnal at
    Rosie ok wat time
    Sian: 2pm please don't be late
    Rosie: ok
    Sian: thank u so much
    Rosie:u welcome
    The big day of Sophie and Sian wedding but Sophie didn't know only everyone did and Sian can't wait to see Sophie face and Rosie webster took Sophie out shopping for a dress and bridemaid dress.
    Sian was getting ready to go with Kevin and Sally to the church because it was near the time of the big day.
    Sally: Sian are u okay?
    Sian: exited for Sophie to see all these why
    Sally: because u look bit out today that all
    Sian: fine thanks
    Sally: ok
    Kevin: we are here
    Sian: ok what time this it
    Kevin/Sally: 1:30pm
    Sian: WE GOT TO HURRY UP START AT 2PM THIS EVERYONE HERE sian jump out of the car and sally did aswell.
    Sally: carm down Sian it be all fine everyone here just Sophie and Rosie to go ok
    Sian: ok
    Sophie was wait for Rosie because she want to get back to Sian to make love to her but Rosie came behind her but blinefold on her.
    Rosie: shut up and get in the car and don't take it off for me please
    Sophie: ok
    Rosie was coming up to the church and Kevin was wait at the door for them both and they went to get change to the dress and came back to Kevin and Sophie still had the blindfold on and they start walk down the aslie in the church and then Sophie got shock of her life she was wait for someone to tell where she was that to felt pair lips on her lips and then the blindfold was took off and Sophie couldn't believe what she saw.
    Priest: do u take Sian to be your wife
    Sophie: i do
    Priest: do u take Sophie to be your wife
    Sian: i do
    Priest: Sian u may kiss your wife now
    Sian: thank god
    Sian ran at Sophie and kiss her in passionately kiss and everyone was cheering for them and all the picture was done now and everyone gone to the rover to clebrate to Sophie and Sian webster powers and after everyone talk to them Sophie took Sian to the toilet to let them fanilly talk and they did and kiss abit which lead to bit more and after they had sex in the toilet they went back out to everyone and Sian was speechless to see her dad and mum was there and was happy for them.
    Sophie and Sian went off on there honeymoon to prias because Sophie alway want to go and Sophie and sian did have HAPPY ENDING.

    sorry if it this crap and lots of spelling word went wrong sorry
    please commentxx